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It’s been a hot minute since I blogged out something that wasn’t an Abundantly Enough post so I’m excited to be back. I started a new job as a clinical dietitian in February and I’m so excited to share my thoughts on integrating medical nutrition therapy and HAES/intuitive eating, but between that and classes for my Master’s – I was overrun. It was good to take a break from blogging just from a time management perspective, but I’m learning that sharing here and on social media is one of my favorite ways to reflect on and refine my values, so here we are. I can’t promise consistency or perfection in posting, but I can promise real life and honesty in the hopes that I’ll resonate with you the way that my favorite bloggers do with me.

My counselor said something that really resonated with me the other day – that anxiety happens in the past and the future, but not so much the present. Learning how to live in the present instead of allowing imagined scenarios to run wild is a really grounding way to deal with that. In some kind of roundabout way, I’ve noticed myself being louder about what I need because I know that my present self needs to deal with the present, if that makes sense.

Speaking as a formerly-and-still-sometimes-currently-stubborn person, I’m not huge on asking for help because I can fix everything myself, right? But having a 2017 that included a car accident, a wedding, a cross-country move, and graduate school broke me down and rebuilt me in a way that’s more humble, more open, and more willing to ask for help. In the past 6 months, I’ve asked for more help than ever – and it’s been spiraling up in the best ways. In a weird way, involving more people is allowing me to cultivate a healthy selfishness.

Taking time off to fly home and celebrate my mama’s birthday was the best kind of selfish when it comes to a work schedule. 10/10 recommend surprising people whenever and wherever you can.

I brought in some mentors for my new job that I can bounce ideas off of, help guide me with regulations, and just generally check up on me. Having second opinions is building my confidence, helping me grow, and helping my patients receive the best care because they’re getting both experienced and fresh perspectives. I’m the only dietitian for the facility, so it also helps me feel less isolated in my profession.

I also started seeing a dietitian to help me work through some stress, thyroid, and cycle concerns. I carried a lot of stubbornness last year when it came to taking time off to care for my body and seeing healthcare professionals of my own, and it didn’t serve me well. So rather than self-treat or deny, I’m working with someone who can provide a fresh, outside perspective on the kind of TLC my body is asking for.

I mentioned this on Instagram (ironically), but I’m trying hard to create boundaries around my phone and social media – which feels really new and unsettling sometimes but also really right to not be plugged in 24/7. It’s so nice to be in a social media community that values similar self-care and boundaries that I do, so I can actually turn my brain off and not worry about little picture squares and how to write a caption.

Finally, this question is helping me make decisions in the present and decide where I can advocate for myself and where I can place more/less focus. I tend to think about long-term/future goals only and not what’s happening now, so reframing it to display how my present can fuel my future is super helpful.

How was your week, friends? Eat something good this weekend!

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A Fun Free Art Print with Lauren Heim Studio

Lauren of Lauren Heim Studio reached out to me a few months ago and asked if I would be interested in an art print for my followers, to which the answer was a quick “HECK YES”! (scroll towards the bottom of the post for two free art prints and my practical guide to meal planning!)

For a bit of background: I found Lauren while browsing through hand lettering on Instagram a few years ago. I immediately fell in love with her polished and flowy lettering style. I sent her an email along the lines of “Can you do some lettering for my wedding that’s two years from now? I’m just really excited to see it already.” and she knocked it out of the ballpark with some custom lettering for us! I think this ended up being the only custom thing I had done (other than getting my dress fitted), so her letters are extra special when I look back at wedding photos.



Image by Manda Renee Photography
Image by Manda Renee Photography

Then, I moved to Kansas City for grad school and saw Lauren post about a pop-up stand at my favorite adorable shopping center, so this happened…

It makes me happy x 10000 that we’re the same height. This doesn’t happen much for me. 😉

And then last February I was looking for some self care/a quick escape from school so I went to one of Lauren’s workshops!

Let’s just review this photo, shall we? Cute place setting: check. Galentine’s Day decorations? Check. Generous slice of cake from Dolce Bakery? Check and check, because I had two.

Anyway, Lauren is the sweetest human being ever with a heart of gold and insane lettering talent. She also loves on her customers well with free prints, like this one…

This one makes me tear up a bit every time I see it in my home.

So when she reached out about this collaboration print and wanted ideas, I pretty much said “Tacos or bust”! and she came back with this, which is better than anything I could ever dream up:

free art print tacos Lauren Heim studio

There’s two versions (with and without the “Let’s Taco Bout It” lettering). Simply download, print, cut down to an 8×10″ (if you prefer!) and frame!

And of course, I couldn’t let her followers go without a freebie, so here’s a little something nutrition related for y’all as well! So, here’s:

Image by Sara Marie Photography


Hello! I’m Lauren, hand lettering artist and owner behind Lauren Heim Studio. I’m often found teaching brush lettering workshops, designing custom work for clients, creating pieces for my online shop, or brainstorming business ideas with my husband. My husband, Andrew, and I are both are entrepreneurs (Amy and I both have husbands named Andrew!). Andrew is very much business oriented, as a business coach for entrepreneurs, and I’m the other spectrum as a creative. We both work from our home with our Wheaten Terrier pup, Bear. We have a really unique lifestyle that we’re really grateful for! Yes, we work a lot sometimes. But we’re also so passionate about our work, and we love doing life and work together (most days!). My favorite things include walks on the trails at our local park, visiting local bakeries, organizing and re-organizing, Netflix-ing, tea drinking and baking.
I had the privilege of working with Amy on a lettering project for her wedding, and then was so honored that she attended one of my workshops. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this girl! I love how Amy brings knowledge, humor and positivity to everything she does. As a woman who struggles with gut health and female issues, I’m constantly trying to improve my health through what I eat but also not restrict myself from the good stuff. Amy’s take on nutrition is such a breath of fresh air that we, as women especially, need in this day and age. I love being inspired by her blog, recipes, and words!


Happy Wednesday, friends! Lauren and I hope you enjoy our little gifts, and that they brighten your week!
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PS – yes, my blog signature is more of Lauren’s lettering. I can’t get enough!

Time Management as Self Care

time management as self care

I joined a virtual book club for 2018 and I am so excited, y’all. Reading more (from personal development to fiction for fun) is something I really enjoyed in 2017 and I hope to see the momentum continue this year! One of the books on personal development that spoke most clearly to me in 2017 was What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. I reread it last week while waiting for my current book club to start A Simplified Life!

While I was browsing through, something struck me: time management is one of the best forms of self-care that I employ.

Time management is one of the best forms of self-care that I employ.

And here’s why: on the surface, “time management” seems cold and rigid. The amount of structure that goes into organizing time seems almost incompatible with intuitive living. And it seems way too Type A to manage my time with a strategy.

But here are some things I’ve found to be true:

  • Blocking my time creates more margin for what matters most, like time with my husband or time resting.
  • Organizing and learning about how I spend time has taught me how to capitalize on my most productive times of day – so there’s less time wasted and more time leftover for me.
  • Designating time for work/chores/etc. and knowing that I have time for myself later means that I don’t multitask as much. I feel more closure when I turn shut my laptop, and I draw more satisfaction from rest.
  • “Fancy” self care like bubble baths and long yoga classes are amazing, but not always attainable. Having some strategies for simple ways to manage stress feel really good and fit well in my life.

girl on laptop in coffee shop


I’ve seen a few different tools recommended when it comes to time blocking/scheduling: tracking your time for a week to zoom out and see how you do spend your time (tracker here) and creating an ideal week. I’ll admit, I’m curious about both of those strategies – but realistically, they’re a lot of work.

Here’s a flow that’s worked well for me (and doesn’t take a ton of planning!):

  1. Pick top priorities for the day/work session. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes it’s three – but I try to keep it at three maximum.
  2. Turn phone on “do not disturb” or silent.
  3. Use a Post-It or scrap piece of paper to write down a loose game plan for how I’ll get things done.

I have a day job unrelated to the blog and it’s fairly similar from day-to-day, so I don’t worry about blocking out my mornings. When I get home, depending on how my body feels I’ll head to the gym or do a home workout before settling in to blog/practice work. I work through those three steps first, then dive into working before shutting down around 5:30p when Drew gets home.

Girl working on laptop in coffee shop with latte and macaroons


Yes, you heard me right! I’ve actually found that having zero plans for the day is the opposite of relaxing to me. If this isn’t true for you – you do your thing! So even though I don’t time block on weekends unless I’m catching up on Satisfy work, I do jot down some quick to-do’s. We usually spend some time “adulting” and split chores to clean up our place faster. I also usually plan for some movement as it feels good, and Sunday afternoons are for making some snacks and food for the week while watching a movie!

What’s your favorite practical, everyday way to take care of yourself?

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