Introducing: Group Nutrition Coaching

Hi friends! I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can best serve all of you in 2018 and considering the feedback you gave on my reader survey. One thing I heard a lot of was that y’all wanted practical tips with how to get started with intuitive eating – but that you needed an option more affordable than 1:1 counseling. (You also wanted more video content, leading me to film the most hilarious and awkward vlog for next week with lots of kitten cameos… but that’s for another day).

Anyway. I spent some time this weekend sitting with the idea of an affordable and effective way to help you all reach your intuitive eating goals, and we’re going to try something new over here at Satisfy Nutrition…


Starting next Monday, February 5, I’m going to host SIX friends for a month’s worth of group nutrition coaching! I’m keeping this first group very small for a few reasons…

ONE | I want to facilitate and cultivate true conversation. I don’t want you to feel that your answers or thoughts are lost during this process, and by keeping the group small it will stay easy for you to digest content and talk with other participants.

TWO | I want to be able give each member of the group individual responses and my own thoughts. A large group wouldn’t allow me to help effectively or on a more personal level.

THREE | I’d like this first group to have a lot of input in what you want to learn. I have guided content planned (one topic/challenge per week), but I want to teach on all of your questions and have you teach me what you need, too! Think of this first group as a “beta test” for future groups!


Here’s what’s included with membership to the first group:

  • Access to a private Facebook group | We’re using Facebook for this group because most everybody has it, and most everybody checks it with some regularity. I want the content to fit into your current life, not add extra “to-do’s” to your list.
  • Weekly teaching videos + content from Amy | I have four weeks’ of content mapped out, which will include: a weekly Live video, plus worksheets and journal prompts for you to help explore and implement the tips in your life. I’ll also add more content and videos on topics you request – which may not be a feature of future groups, so this is extra-special!
  • Email support | If you have questions you don’t want to share with the group – no worries! I’ll be available for unlimited email support during the length of the group and I’m happy to help you from a more private platform.
  • Discounts on 1:1 check-in appointments | Looking for a longer, individualized chat about nutrition and health? Members of the group will get a discounted rate on 30-minute check-in appointments (via video chat) during the length of the group!


Because this first group is helping me beta-test the group format, I’m excited to offer it at the discounted rate of $75 for the whole month! Payment is accepted in two installments of $37.50, or you can pay the whole fee up front.


Email me at to sign up! I’ll take it from there and send you everything you need.

I can’t wait to dive into this group with you, teach you how you can live a diet-free life, and cultivate connection!

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